Assistant Cook Job Description

Position Title: Assistant Cook

FLSA: Hourly / Non-exempt

Supervisor: Quality Assurance Director

Supervises: None

The Assistant Cook will assist the Head Cook in the planning and preparation of kitchen operations.

Performance Objectives:

  • The Assistant Cook will assist in the kitchen operations, meal planning, and preparation by:

    • Under the direction of the Head Cook, cooking for 20-50 youth and staff for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending upon the assigned shift; and on special occasions, for as many as 125-150 when guests are present.

    • Under the direction of the Head Cook, preparing special meals as necessary for youth on room confinement due to illness or having specific dietary needs.

    • Under the direction of the Head Cook, storing and organizing all grocery items.

    • Obtaining meal counts for youth at breakfast and lunch.

    • Under the direction of the Head Cook, assisting in preparation of certain food items for special events, fundraisers, etc. when requested.

    • Under the direction of the Head Cook, sharing responsibility for cleanliness of kitchen and food storage area to comply with state requirements.

    • Overseeing dining room set-ups for breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals, depending on assigned shift.

    • Supervising use and maintaining cleanliness of kitchen equipment.

    • Overseeing youth working in the kitchen and logging any encounters with them.


  1. Must have High School Diploma or GED.

  2. Must be certified through the Illinois Department of Food Services and retain such certification on file.

  3. Must be certified in First Aid and CPR.

  4. Will value diversity and incorporate cultural differences into treatment planning and implementation in order to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.  Will pay careful attention to group dynamics and cultural differences and assessment as to what adaptations and changes need to be made and who should assume responsibility for these changes.

  5. Must have a valid driver’s license and approval from the state of Illinois Department of Children & Family Services to transport children. Must qualify to become insured by Arrowhead’s insurance carrier.

  6. Must be physically capable of participating in the restraint of adolescents that are endangering the safety of self, others, or the destruction of property.  In addition, must be physically capable of successful completion of CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) training and be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.