Now accepting Therapist applications.

Position Title: Therapist/Licensure eligible
FLSA: Non-exempt
Supervisor: Director of Clinical Services
Supervises: N/A

The Therapist works closely with the Director of Clinical Services and Program staff of the unit they are on and are responsible for the therapeutic direction of youth.

Performance Objectives:
Traditional and DCFS Programs:

  1. Will provide formal Medicaid Community Mental Health services to qualified clients in accordance with Rule 132, section 132.150 and in accordance with the Individual Treatment Plan:

    • Manage a case load of 12 to 14 clients at any one time.

    • Become familiar with each child’s case history, strengths, challenges in progression toward meeting treatment plan goals while providing direction to treatment staff for services and activities.

    • Document strengths and weaknesses observed during the reporting period for the client.

    • Facilitate individual, group and family therapy

  2. Possess a working knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Reality Therapy, Anger Management counseling, problem solving techniques, strength-based intervention techniques and the group process.

    • Provide individual and family therapy.

    • Conduct group therapy consistent with the therapeutic milieu.

    • Facilitate team development of effective strength-based intervention strategies.

    • Encourage parental involvement throughout treatment stay.

    • Provide education and support to the family.

  3. Will document accordingly:

    • Participate in the writing of reports which include Individual Treatment Plan, the quarterly progress reports, 6-month re-assessment and discharge report to be completed within 7 days of discharge as required.

    • Complete Mental Health Assessments and reviews.

    • Participate in initial, monthly, quarterly, family team and discharge staffing.

    • Complete all Medicaid paperwork on a daily basis.

    • Maintain a daily log concerning group meetings and other observable behaviors of the student.

    • Critique and sign off on incident reports.

    • Upon a youth’s placement, report to staff any known significant treatment issues to insure a safe transition to the Arrowhead program.

    • Participate in the required client documentation to include but not limited to outcomes, staffing reports, and client testing.

  4. Will provide leadership to treatment team for clinical direction of client services:

    • Work closely with the Director of Clinical Services, Director of Residential Life, and Case Managers in the coordination of client planning and progress.

    • Monitor Case Managers and Behavior Health Specialists for compliance with the structured evening schedule.

    • Attend monthly staffing meetings to set expectations, evaluate treatment goals and discuss progress of groups and individual group members.

    • Attend meetings directed by the Supervisor of the unit they are on, including monthly client staffing, monthly unit staff meetings, case consultation, quality assurance reviews, IEPs, special case reviews, etc.

    • Attend court hearings and review hearings at appropriate times, as needed.

    • Communicate regularly with referring agents (probation officers, caseworkers, social workers) and parents as needed.

    • Fill in for another therapist in case of vacations or emergencies.

    • Collaborate with education staff as they develop students’ Individualized Education and Behavior Treatment Plans.

    • Coordinate the activities and evaluation of the telepsych program and participate in the telepsych appointment.

Qualifications / Essential Job Functions

  1.  Must posses a Master’s Degree in human services from an accredited school and two years full time supervised experience in a social work setting. (Licensure strongly recommended)

  2. Will value diversity and incorporate cultural differences into treatment planning and implementation in order to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.

  3. Will adhere to appropriate professional Code of Ethics.

  4. Must have a valid driver’s license and approval from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to transport children. Must qualify to become insured by Arrowhead’s insurance carrier.

  5. Must be willing to become certified in First Aid, CPR and CPI. In addition, must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.