Strategies to Succeed

Strategies to Succeed is an intensive, strengths-based curriculum led by experienced Arrowhead counselors for youth-at-risk in our community.  This early preventitive program is designed to empower youth to develop skills and build on their individual strengths in the context of guided peer group sessions.  The curriculum is appropriate for boys and girls aged 11-18 and can be modified to last from 8-16 weeks.  Sessions typically last for one hour each week, and groups can consist of two to eight children.  Current Strategies to Succeed clients include the Rock Island County Probation Department, the Henry County Probation Department, and the Mercer County Probation Department. 

Strategies to Succeed is an outcomes-based program, utilizing assessments of each child's attitudes and behaviors at the beginning and the conclusion of the curriculum.  Assessments are made in the context of Family Team Meetings for each child.  Meetings should include the child, parents, and referral source as well as teachers, counselors, and administrators.

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