Residential Programs

Arrowhead has been welcoming youth that are struggling at home, in school or within their communities for over 73 years. We understand that sending your child away from home is hard on everyone but not doing anything can be even harder. That is why our therapeutic environment involves the family as a large part of our residential program.

Our central goal is to aid in the reintegration of your child back into the various groups of people they interact with. Arrowhead utilizes a strength-based practice that emphasizes a child’s self-determination and personal strengths with a focus on resiliency and decision making abilities. This approach allows them to learn to make better choices and to manage difficult situations while learning from mistakes. The staff diligently works to assist the youth in rebuilding and restoring trust in the people that care for them. The interventions used are empowering and tailored to the needs of each individual and each family unit.

For more information regarding our residential program, please contact us.