Bring your child back to the basics.

Arrowhead is a place of healing for youth at risk.


Based in the Quad Cities, Arrowhead is a residential treatment center for teenagers who struggle at home, school, and in their communities. Our curriculum combines a traditional education with the help our students need to successfully transition into a college or career.

At Arrowhead, our dedicated staff will ensure that students have the support and resources they need. We provide a strong structure for students, and believe family is critical to the healing process. Your child will be safe and comfortable, and you are always welcome during our regular visiting hours.


Is Arrowhead Right for Your Family?


We are located in rural Coal Valley, Illinois, just a few minutes outside the Quad Cities metropolitan area. We are a residential treatment program, meaning our students live here full-time. Our program accepts both boys and girls, and combines individual and group therapy with grade-level appropriate education. Our therapy includes access to mental health services and substance abuse treatment as needed.

Below, you may fill out our pre-assessment evaluation. This is an extensive questionnaire designed to give us a better idea of your child's challenges and needs. The evaluation must be completed in one sitting, and may take an hour or more. You will be asked to provide information about your child's personal background, health and treatment history, education, and goals. We ask that you be specific and provide dates whenever possible.

This evaluation helps us evaluate whether Arrowhead is a good fit for your family, and lets us reach out with specific advice, timelines, and costs.

Our per-diem is competitive, but the average stay at Arrowhead costs $8,900 per month. Can you accommodate this cost?