Independent Living Skills

It is Arrowhead’s intent to instill in each resident a realistic work ethic and to impart life skills that will help them be successful in their lives and jobs after leaving the program.

Work at Arrowhead is viewed as an honorable, self-satisfying activity. Through unpaid work assignments, a resident learns to work cooperatively with others and care for their own needs.  Examples of work are lawn and garden maintenance, kitchen and laundry duties, and off-grounds assignments.  Residents are also expected to maintain a neat and orderly private living area (bed made, locker clean, drawers organized, floors clean, etc.).

Another form of work experience is community service. On a voluntary, unpaid basis, residents participate in more than thirty annual community events and activities.  This involvement teaches the values of volunteerism and community service while also improving the residents’ social skills and exposing them to positive role models.  Examples of service includes setting up and cleaning up at community festivals and celebrations, assisting organizations with fundraising activities, making presentations to civic and church groups, and offering direct services to children and the elderly.

Some of the community events and projects assisted through Arrowhead’s community service program are:

  • John Deere Classic
  • Festival of Trees
  • Martin Luther King Center food drive 
  • Set up for multiple community running races

Work assignments and community services shall not interfere with regular school programs, treatment programs, study periods, recreation, or sleep. If you have a community event that you would like our help at, contact Mary Davidson at (309) 799-7044 x 270 or email