Sell your car. Help youth at risk. Earn tax credit.


How it works:

Donate a Vehicle

You donate a car you'd like to sell. If it runs, great! If not, our students will work on it, developing their skills and increasing its value. If you cannot transport the car to us, arrangements can be made to pick it up.

Car Auction

At our next car auction, your car will be sold to the highest bidder.

Tax Deduction

You claim the selling price of the car as a tax-deductible donation to Arrowhead on your next tax return.

  • If your car sells for less than $500, you can choose to claim either fair market value for the car, or the selling price, whichever you prefer.

  • If your car sells for more than $500, you can claim the selling price.


If you are interested in donating a vehicle, fill out the form below or call Beth Vacanti at (309) 799-7044 ext. 247. You can learn more about vehicle donations by reading The IRS Guide to Car Donations online.

Your donation benefits our students on all levels.


Life and Career Skills

Donated cars offer Arrowhead students a chance to earn hands-on work experience. Our youth work to increase the value of donated cars by performing essential maintenance, and in the process, learn skills that can help them find employment and success after their time at Arrowhead. In addition to the mechanical skills they gain, students get the opportunity to work together towards a constructive goal.

The Annual Car Auction

Arrowhead's annual Car Auction is one of our most consistent forms of revenue. The money made at auction enables us to help youth at risk around the country, and right here at home. As part of our Arrowhead 2020 initiative, we're expanding our reach outside the greater Quad Cities area, with the aim of being able to provide scholarships for local students in need. When you donate a car to Arrowhead, you move us closer to our goal.

Interested in Donating?

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