Behavior Health Specialist II

Position Title: Behavior Health Specialist II

FLSA: Hourly/non-exempt

Supervisor: Unit Coordinator

Supervises: None

The Behavior Health Specialist II is responsible for the direct supervision of youth while exemplifying and reinforcing the concepts of a strength-based treatment environment that provides and develops positive group and individual strengths at Arrowhead.  

Performance Objectives:

  1. The Behavior Health Specialist II will provide a therapeutic treatment environment by:

    • Report to your assigned group in a consistent and timely manner, as scheduled (8-hour shift).

    • Provide individual and group counseling to the youth we serve, utilizing a cognitive-behavioral approach.

    • Directly supervising and monitoring your assigned group in work, recreation, and other assigned on or off-grounds activities.

    • Consult with and have a good working relationship with Therapist, Case Manager, and other Child Care Worker IIs within the facility.

    • Assume the responsibility of covering a shift when someone calls in sick or fails to report in for duty.

  2. The Behavior Health Specialist II will complete written Medicaid and additional documentation as required by:

    • Complete compliant Medicaid documentation at the end of each shift.

    • Provide written documentation in log/email to communicate to team members, pertaining to overall progress of youth or group’s behaviors.

    • Complete any unusual incident reports at the end of each shift and sending a signed hard copy to the Case Manager and electronic copies to appropriate persons (AHR emailing list).

    • Provide medication to residents as assigned and documenting in the appropriate log books.

    • Count controlled medications as assigned.

    • Check out vehicles and cell phones when going off grounds and signing the appropriate log books.

  3. The Behavior Health Specialist II will attend the following training/meetings annually or as scheduled and become knowledgeable in the following areas:

    • CPI (non-violent crisis prevention intervention)

    • CPR/First Aid

    • Cultural Diversity/Civil Rights

    • Medicaid Documentation

    • Medication Dispensing

    • Emergency Medical Procedures and Bloodborne Pathogens

    • Work Environment

    • Mandatory Reporting

    • Shall attend staffings as scheduled

    • Shall attend monthly Behavior Health Specialist II meetings for specified group

    • Shall attend bi-weekly supervisions with supervisor

    • Shall attend mandatory training meetings

    • Shall become knowledgeable and enforce all Arrowhead policies and procedures


  1. Must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university in a Human Service field of study (social work, psychology, sociology, criminal/juvenile justice, or related field).

  2. 3-5 years experience working with behaviorally at-risk youth is preferred.

  3. Must be 21-years-of age.

  4. Must be willing to become First Aid, CPR and CPI certified. Must be physically capable of being able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.

  5. Will value diversity and incorporate cultural differences into treatment planning and implementation in order to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.  Will pay careful attention to group dynamics and cultural differences and assessment as to what adaptations and changes need to be made and who should assume responsibility for these changes.

  6. Must possess a valid driver’s license and approval from the state of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to transport children.  Must qualify to become insured by Arrowhead’s insurance carrier.  Must successfully complete a criminal background and reference check.