Assistant Maintenance/Groundskeeper

Position Title: Assistant Maintenance/Groundskeeper

FLSA: Hourly / Non-Exempt

Supervisor: Chief Executive Officer

Supervises: N/A

The Groundskeeper/Assistant Maintenance personal are responsible for maintaining and performing activities for general upkeep of Arrowhead’s grounds and buildings, including assigned tasks under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer and the Maintenance Supervisor. The Groundskeeper/Assistant Maintenance staff will work closely with the Custodian for consistency.

Performance Objectives:

  1. Assist in maintaining general upkeep of Arrowhead’s buildings and grounds by:

    • Work with the CFO and vendors for purchase of supplies for maintenance department.

      • Obtain bids for purchases of new equipment upon the request of the CEO or CFO.

      • Keep invoices for materials and equipment purchases, submitting them to the Business Office as acquired.

    • Help with maintenance of swimming pool, as necessary.

      • Work closely with Pool Coordinator to make sure chlorine levels are correct.

      • Work closely with Pool Coordinator to guarantee Arrowhead meets state requirements to maintain license to operate pool.

    • Maintain kitchen and laundry equipment, as well as the refrigeration and heating.

    • Repair equipment.

    • Complete a monthly walk-thru and be prepared to discuss at the monthly Risk Management meeting.

    • Spray insecticide.

    • Maintain all lighting.

    • Assist with inventory of maintenance department.

    • Monitor walkways at Arrowhead during the snow season by keeping entrance and walkways clear of snow and treated with ice melt.

    • Provide area locations with ice melt and snow shovels for after hour’s maintenance.

    • Maintain the fire alarm system.

    • Member of the Risk Management Team.

    • Participate in the monthly Risk Management meetings and turn in monthly walk thru to Safety Officer.

    • Check e-mail’s every morning for work orders to prioritize the daily needs. Respond in writing and by e-mail after the completion of each work order.

    • Participate in Board Facilities Committee meetings as requested.

    • On call for emergencies and other maintenance problems.

    • Will be responsible for maintaining the Arrowhead Ranch grounds by:

    • Weeding, planting, mulching, and mowing, as requested.

    • Supervising residents assigned to grounds maintenance.

    • Assisting with donation picks ups


  1. Must have a High School Diploma or GED.

  2. Must have or obtain State of Illinois Supervisor Training Asbestos in accordance with 40CFS Part 763 (AHERA), 29CFR Part 1926.1101, and Title II (TSCA) License accredited by Illinois Department of Public Health.

  3. Must have a general knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing operations.

  4. Will value diversity and incorporate cultural differences into work environment.

  5. Must have a valid driver’s license and approval from the state of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to transport children. Must qualify to become insured by Arrowhead’s insurance carrier.

  6. Must be willing to become First Aid, CPR and CPI certified. Must be physically capable of successful completion of CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) training and be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.