Position Title: Admissions Counselor

FLSA: Salaried, Exempt

Supervisor: Chief Executive Officer

Supervises: N/A

The Admissions Counselor is responsible for driving and overseeing all admissions to our program. They will be responsible for managing the flow of clients into our programs, assisting parents as they consider placement as well as ensure admission standards are maintained. Key job duties include developing and supporting referral sources and maximization of program census goals. This position is a key member of the Leadership team and provides staff support.

Performance Objectives:

Job Duties

  1. Marketing

    • Assist Marking and Development Director in designing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan

    • Track data about client and families to aid with marketing and offering services

    • Assist Marketing and Development Director with improving methods for brining appropriate leads to Arrowhead

    • Work with parents, school, counselors, and others to make the Admissions process more efficient

  2. Admissions

    • Connect with parent/guardian as first contact for initial interview and screening

    • Pre-screen clients for appropriateness for program     

    • Coordinate campus tours for parents

    • Coordinate references for parents

    • Daily review of referral networks

    • Monitor text, email, voicemail to ensure timely response or distributed to appropriate departments for response. 

    • If a potential client is an appropriate fit, explain the program and answer questions

    • Listen to parent/guardians needs

    • Describe program upon receipt of application, review for completeness and appropriateness of fit

    • Request and process references and follow-up for clarity where needed

    • Complete assessment as to suitability of applicant for program

    • Submit completed applications to Clinical Services Team for Intake Interview approval

    • Notify parents and schedule interview upon final approval

    • Prepare legal, Interstate Compact, admissions and billing documents and send to parent with complete intake packet

    • Track and report admission trends to the Marketing and Development Director

    • Attend national conferences up to 3x per year

  3. Arrowhead Leadership Team:

    • Attends strategic and operational leadership meetings held weekly among the Leadership Team.

    • Attends weekly utilization reviews and Case Manager Meetings.

    • Attending Board of Directors meetings as necessary.

    • Participating as a member of the Risk Management Team.

    • Maintaining compliance of governing body and best practice standards with Department of Children and Family Services and Council on Accreditation.

    • Provide administrative leadership to departments and individuals as needed

    • Work to promote harmony and unity among the staff at Arrowhead

    • Assure implementation and communication of administrative decisions 

    • Conduct staff training as requested

    • Promote and abide by Arrowhead policies, procedures and standards

    • Provide for the care, welfare, safety, and security of the clients in our care

  4. Referrals

    • Provide alternative community and residential-based options for clients who are not appropriate for treatment or there are no openings

    • Continue development of Referral Resource List to offer to those deemed inappropriate for program at any time during Admissions process

  5. Insurance

    • Provide alternative community and residential-based options for clients who are not appropriate for treatment or there are no openings

    • Continue development of Referral Resource List to offer to those deemed inappropriate for program at any time during Admissions process

  6. Perform other related duties as directed by the CEO or Marketing and Development Director. 

Ability/Skill Requirements:

  • Working knowledge of residential and community-based programs assisting struggling teens

  • Assessment or case management experience with youth and/or families

  • Communication skills including face-to-face, written, phone, and email with ability to engage in a warm, clear, and professional manner

  • Ability to collaborate with others but also comfortable working on solo projects

  • Quick, willing learner

  • Computer proficiency in the following applications:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) Strong proficiency required.

  • Work effectively with colleagues and referral sources

  • Creative, resourceful thinking and planning, and ability to meet both self-imposed and assigned deadlines

  • Interest in taking initiative and attention to detail with ability to catch a vision for the big picture

  • Making competent decisions and solving problems independently

  • Self-motivator who can effectively and efficiently organize, plan, and prioritize work


  1. Bachelors’ degree with 1-3 years of work preferred in a related field such as Admissions or Social Services is required

  2. Must have a valid driver’s license and approval from the state of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to transport children.  Must qualify to become insured by Arrowhead Youth and Family Services insurance carrier.

  3. Must be physically capable of participating in the restraint of adolescents that are endangering the safety of self, others, or the destruction of property.  In addition, must be physically capable of successful completion of CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) training and be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.

  4. Must be willing to become First Aid and CPR certified.

  5. Must be able to work on designated weekends and be available for on-call periods of time as deemed necessary by the CEO.