Additional Services

Arrowhead provides an on-site, full-time registered nurse to attend to most of the daily health needs of our residents.  Additional services can be arranged when necessary, and the family or placing agency is ultimately responsible for payment and treatment permission.

Dental care is coordinated by Arrowhead but is the responsibility of the family/placing agency.  These services are coordinated through Community Health Care.

Psychological testing and consultation services are available for all Arrowhead residents.

Psychiatric consultations are available on an as-needed basis through the Robert Young Mental Health Center.  Psychiatric evaluations and consultations are used to support individual treatment plans for residents.

Drug and alcohol recovery groups are offered for residents who have a substance abuse diagnosis.  These groups are Level I and have a treatment focus but are educational.

Youth in need of sexual abuse counseling beyond what is provided in the group setting may be referred to Family Resources for services in the Sexual Abuse and Victimization Program.  Youth who have a history of committing minor sexual offenses may be referred to the Robert Young Community Mental Health Center for participation in a Juvenile Sexual Offender program.

Arrowhead also utilizes programming offered by the University of Illinois Extension Office to provide numerous classes in life skills and human development.

Employment services are offered prior to a resident’s release from Arrowhead.  Arrangements can be made to refer a young adult to an employment service or military service.  Arrowhead staff provide assistance in contacting Partners in Job Training, Job Service, Job Corps, and military recruiters.