A non-denominational chapel was completed on the Arrowhead grounds in March of 1980.  Services are held on Sunday mornings.  We currently require a consent form for participation in religious services which the parent or guardian will sign upon placement of the youth.  Attendance of religious services is purely voluntary, and individuals who choose not to attend will be offered alternate activities during the time scheduled.

 Chapel guidelines are to:

• Provide ecumenical religious education
• Provide exposure to worship experiences, classical religious music and literature, and discussion of religious thoughts, words, and ideas
• Provide opportunities for development of a non-sectarian faith that will sustain a youth after leaving Arrowhead
• Provide opportunities for interaction and relationships with people from the community who wish to share their faith with residents in an open manner
• Attempt to provide opportunity for participation in specific denominational services when it is requested, either at Arrowhead or in the community

In addition to Sunday morning chapel services, Arrowhead residents may choose to participate in a two-hour Christian Friendliness meeting on Wednesday evenings.  This meeting is sponsored by local Christian youth and young adults who socialize with our residents and provide religious instruction.