Family Involvement

  • A great majority of youth placed at Arrowhead will return to their families after placement; therefore, family involvement is an important component of Arrowhead's treatment program.  Arrowhead opens the campus for parents and/or guardians to visit each Sunday afternoon between the hours of 12:00pm and 5:00pm.  If a family is unable to attend the open campus hours on Sundays due to work or religious obligations, alternate days and times are offered for visitation.  Initially, family visitation will occur only at Arrowhead.  As the youth progresses through the program, visitations can expand into off-grounds experiences with family, including overnight or weekend visitations, as they prepare to return home.  Parents are included during transition planning meetings, discharge meetings, and educational meetings for their children.
  • Traditional program: Face-to face family therapy sessions are offered on formal parent/group Sundays (first and third Sunday of the month for boys; second and fourth Sunday of the month for the girls), or during the week if the family requires an alternate schedule.  Arrowhead understands the obstacles families face with travel and also offers family therapy by phone or Skype if necessary.  The case manager is available to meet with families on the remaining Sunday afternoons to provide support, education, and information about the youth's treatment and progress, set expectations for the youth while at Arrowhead, and discuss common problems affecting families.
  • Intensive program: Family therapy sessions are offered for youth whose parents have not had their parental rights terminated and reunification is the permanency goal (DCFS).  Family therapy sessions are usually coordinated during the week.  Arrowhead works with the placing agency (typically DCFS) to coordinate transportation for the family to attend therapy sessions.  If the family is unable to attend in-person, alternate arrangements can be made, including a phone session..  In some cases, family therapy is offered to youth who have an independence goal provided that they desire the service and it is not contraindicated by DCFS directive.
  • Parents whose rights have not been terminated by DCFS are also invited to participate in the youth's staffing, which happen at 30 days and quarterly upon intake.  They also are included in the process for Family Team meetings and educational meetings concerning their child.